Digital Phone Systems

Digital Phone Systems

Servicing, Installing & Repairing Digital Phone Systems

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At NW Communication Systems, we excel at providing the right solutions for your business every time. Providing the best services to our customers and clients is our ultimate goal and how we thrive. As an expert in Digital Phone Systems, we will analyze your company’s goals with your budget in mind and provide the solutions that are right for you. You can’t afford to lose touch with your customers and NW Communication Systems has the right Digital Phone Systems to keep you connected.

Why Choose A Digital Phone System?

Phone system technology is constantly evolving, but there is still a great demand for traditional digital phones systems.  The fact is that traditional digital phone systems are highly reliable, built to commercial grade standards, they have a life span of 15-20+ years.  Digital phones are low power and with a simple UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) connected, it can operate with ZERO power for 4+ hours.  For many companies this is very important allowing them to continue business communications even if power is lost.

Digital phone systems are feature rich.  Digital phones can allow for one button commands such as paging and voicemail similar to VoIP Phone systems.  Additionally, these phone systems typically include native paging and hold music interfaces which would typically require 3rd party software on a VoIP Phone System.

While there are many benefits of a Digital Phone system they do have their limitations.  One downside of digital phones is that they require more time and cost to program if there are moves around the offices compared to a Hosted VoIP phone that will allow you to just plug in the phone in any office without interruption or need for additional programming.  If your company is growing or the workforce is constantly changing this can be additional labor and cost to your company.

Digital phone systems are modular and can be expanded to add features and functions to meet your needs.  Expansion cards that support VoIP connections, analog dial tone, and Voicemail are just a few of the possibilities.But make no mistake Digital Phones Systems are a very good option for many companies, they are more robust and reliable than other phone systems, are generally cheaper, and pack most of the same features and functions you would get from a Hosted VoIP Phone System.

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