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If you have been searching around for a new business phone system you have probably noticed that there are multiple options to choose from. One of the most popular options for businesses today is a Hosted VoIP Phone system.  So what is Hosted VoIP? Let us explain.

In order to understand what hosted VoIP is we need to understand the basics of VoIP.  The term VoIP stands for Voice over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol which means your phone service or communication is over the internet vs a traditional phone line.

For most businesses a VoIP phone system will require a professional communications company to come in and program the phone system for things like user settings and voicemail so the office is properly connected.  Additionally they would be relied on for MAC(Moves, Adds & Changes) when new employees are added, extensions changes etc…

“Hosted” means that the hardware and system is hosted off-site from where the VoIP telephone service is being used. Hosted VoIP allows you to run your phones remotely off of another company’s phone system who would handle all of the programming, updates and maintenance leaving you with worry free phone service.

Why Choose Hosted VOIP?

As you probably gathered Hosted VoIP and VoIP are essentially the same service but Hosted VoIP is typically better served for smaller businesses (2-15) employees that still need “big features” but don’t want to absorb the cost managing their own VoIP Phone System.   It is also ideal for companies with multiple, smaller, remote offices.  These companies benefit from not having to have redundant internet connections, hardware and backup generators to keep their offices running if the main connection office goes down.  A Hosted VoIP provider will already have these things in place which is typically more cost effective for these businesses.

Additionally, short term phone service is ideal for Hosted VoIP allowing for quick setup and programming without investing in expensive equipment.  This could be off site TV Studios and Construction Job sites.

For larger companies having their own on-site VoIP phone system can become more cost effective than using a Hosted VoIP, Learn more about our VoIP Phone Systems.

SIP Hosted vs Toshiba Hosted Phones

If you’re thinking a hosted VoIP Phone System might be the right option for your business, we have more than one option for you to choose from. At NW Communication Systems we offer two types of Hosted VoIP Phone Systems. A standards based SIP service and a proprietary Toshiba solution. Each has its unique benefits.

SIP Phones:

SIP Hosted Phones are a little more basic. You can program some keys as different lines, some as speed dials, while others as DSS (other extension appearances) they have to be done locally on each phone. More enhanced features such as presence, call history, one touch keys, etc. are accessed through a desktop software app. While all SIP phones are speaker phones, they cannot intercom each other. SIP systems are extremely flexible. If you are already using a SIP system and own your phones but are not happy with the call quality or programming options we can port your number onto our system and use your existing phones to provide a more stable solution.

Soft phones like those from Counterpath are also supported which can eliminate the need for a physical desk phone and can even be run on a cell phone.

We can also support overhead ringers and paging with this system

Toshiba Phones:

Our Toshiba option is more of a full traditional PBX phone system offering. Every key on a phone can be programmed for any function or talk path. Keys can be programmed to represent another extension (DSS), Speed Dial, forward function, multiple other company phone. Different keys can be programmed to ring when callers call different DID telephone numbers and push to different VM boxes or auto attendants. There really are no limitations. The Toshiba phones also support extension to extension intercom and up to 6 way conference calling.

Currently two desktop apps are provided. These apps support call history, dozens of additional keys for any use, drag and drop dialing, presence, chat, and TAPI integration to support screen pops with 3rd party programs such as Outlook and CRM’s like Salesforce. These apps can also be used as standalone extensions with no physical phone required. One of them can be used on all Mac’s, iOS devices, Android and Windows based devices.

Overhead ringers and paging is also supported with this system. Paging and ringing can also be directly attached to some of the Toshiba phones.

Which to choose:

Both of these Hosted VoIP Phone Systems have their own pros and cons and are great options for many small, or distributed businesses.  At NW Communications we work with our customers to discuss your needs and wants out of a phone system ensuring you get everything you need without paying for features you don’t.  As experienced telephone technicians we are experts at programming your telephone system to work seamlessly with your business.

Hosted VOIP Telephone Services start as low as 15.99 a handset. Prices that low make it beneficial to have NW Communication Systems analyze your needs and decide if  VoIP is the right solution for your business. Our Hosted VoIP service scales to the needs of your business and is a great solution for businesses with only one location or ten.

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SIP VoIP Phone Plans

For use with standard SIP phones made by Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Grandstream, Yealink
No Term
12 Mo Term
24 Mo Term
36 Mo Term
Enterprise Basic 27.99 25.99 23.99 22.99
Hosted PBX phone service with 38 calling and enhanced calling features designed for use in low feature SMB/E work spaces. Each Enterprise Basic seat includes 1 DID. See Feature Matrix for a complete list of features. Each Enterprise Basic seat includes 5000 MOU of outbound calling and unlimited inbound calling. Outbound calling includes Local and Long Distance calls anywhere in the continental US, Hawaii, and Canada. Outbound dialing to Alaska will be billed per Off Shore rates posted on the PRC. International dialing is not included. Included outbound minutes are aggregated over all seats in the Enterprise. All Class5 usage plans are subject to “intended use” limitations which restrict uses such as “auto-dialers” and outbound call centers generating atypical, high-volume usage.
Enterprise Standard 35.99 34.95 32.99 30.99
Enterprise Standard includes all Enterprise Basic enhanced calling features plus an additional 9 (47 total) enhanced user features designed for use in the typical SMB/E work space. Each Enterprise Standard seat includes 1 DID and 1 Voice Mail user account. At least 1 Enterprise Premium seat is also required for each Enterprise. See Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.
Enterprise Premium 44.99 42.99 40.99 39.99
Enterprise Premium includes all Enterprise Standard enhanced calling features plus an additional 33 (80 total) designed for use in the most demanding SMB environment. Each Enterprise Premium seat includes 1 DID and 1 Voice Mail user account. At least 1 Enterprise Premium seat is also required for each Enterprise. See Feature Matrix for a complete list of features.
Each Enterprise requires a minimum of 1 Power User, Premium Metered or Enterprise Premium Seat