Film Industry Services


Studio productions are a unique animal that require flexible solutions with immediate turn up and tear down support. We can setup a local site or ship equipment off to a remote site within 24 hours. Our services are monthly with no long term contracts.  We can work on your behalf to order local internet services with long term contracts waived.  Whatever your needs we can meet them.  We can provide services for tv or movie studios needing just network support or a single phone, all the way up to large productions with internet, 40+ phones, and Wi-Fi for multiple concurrent studios.


Onsite network and wireless

We can build out onsite networks based on your long and short term needs. In a single day we can setup router/firewalls, pull in wiring as needed, and install small to large Wi-Fi to support offices or stages.NW- The Librarians  Our antennas can support over 100 users per antenna.  We can bridge area’s together using wireless in areas pulling wire is not cost effective or prudent. All of our equipment is setup for month to month renting.


Onsite and remote IP phone service

Running from our in-house phone system we can provide hosted IP phone service.  Local numbers and numbers local to your parent studio can be provided.  Auto attendants for your production site can be setup with phones dedicated to different departs quickly and easily.  If you’re a seasonal production we can set aside your numbers, extensions, and programming so they are ready when/if your next season starts. Phones, overhead paging, etc. are all rented on a month to month basis.

NW- Grimm

Film Base Camp


Mobile Internet with Wi-Fi

When out in the field for onsite filming internet can be spotty at best.  We have rental equipment that can solve this issue.  We can make 1 bar of signal on a cell phone translate into a 40 meg download and 20 meg upload internet connection shareable with all staff and cast. This equipment can be setup in one of the main rigs with additional repeater antennas to cover the entire base camp.